Hi there and welcome to BarLo Media, a media company publishing local, niche newspapers in Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Nebraska.

Sept-Oct issues

Enjoy the newest issues....in your favorite shop or online!

The new Sept-Oct issue of The Oregon Country Register.

The new Sept-Oct issue of The Arizona Country Register

The new Sept-Oct issue of The Washington, E.Oregon and S. Idaho Country Register.

Each paper  is published every two months. The time seems to fly by between issues! Our brand new Sept-Oct issues are out now….The Arizona Country Register, The Oregon Country Register and The Washington, E. Oregon and S. Idaho Country Register

For those who prefer to read on-line we are now publishing the complete paper on our web site and will leave back issues on as well. How often we have been called and someone has given their paper away or misplaced it and needed the name or location of a shop, a tea room or wanted to know where there was a paper close to them.

The print edition will still be available as usual in each advertising shop and other select rack locations. Some people will always and forever prefer to sit down in a cozy chair with a cup of tea and read through the paper edition page by page. The younger generations are more apt to go on-line and so we hope to just broaden our readership and bring more customers to the shops because of this extra exposure.

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