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We loved the vintage look and great colors of artist Heather Myers’ work, and thought it would be perfect for our Antiques, Vintage & Collectibles issue! We hope you like it, also. Heather Myers was “born to create” whether it is designing art, stirring in the kitchen, putting a new oufit together, choreographing a dance or rearranging furniture. It’s what she loves to do! Although Heather has the ability to create different styles of art, her passion is for vintage. One of her hobbies is searching for unique vintage items, including old books, textiles and sheet music. She is inspired by anything vintage and loves to mix it with the latest trends and colors, in both the fashion industry and home décor styles. Over the years, Heather has worked in many different mediums, including soft sculpture, papier-mâché and wood, to name a few. She enjoys mixing the materials together. Collectors recognize her work for its detailed charm. She says, “I love adding crystals and antique glitter to my designs, it’s the same as putting the icing on the cake!” Heather adds, “I feel very fortunate; I get to do what I love for a career, creating beautiful items for people to enjoy for years to come!” Heather’s creative talents were discovered at a very young age. She spent her childhood years growing up in a dance studio and her love for dance was her way to express her creativeness. When she wasn’t dancing, she would spend time in the sewing room with her mother and grandmothers, who were always making doll clothes for her. In her early teen years, she knew that she wanted to be a fashion designer. After taking a few design classes and working in retail for 10 years, she had a change of heart. Even though she had a love for fashion, she realized her passion was for interior design. As a self-taught artist, she soon found herself creating small unique objects for the home, which soon turned into a fulltime business. In 1992, she established The Briar Rose, a wholesale handmade manufacturing company. As the company grew, Heather could not keep up with the demand, and had very little time to design and create new items. In 2000, she started to license her designs in the gift industry to various companies. It didn’t take long before her products were soon being sold worldwide. This was a dream come true! Heather was born and raised in Colorado where she currently resides with her husband. She is also the mother of two daughters, who are her pride and joy! Her artwork is licensed by Linda McDonald, Inc., Charlotte, NC, 704-370-0057.AZ-CR-A-S-13FB

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